Research Topics

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Face Perception & Consumer Behavior

In my main program of research, I study consumer facial stereotypes and how people make consumption inferences and decisions based on others' facial appearance.


This research has implications as faces are ever more central in social interactions offline and online (e.g., selfies, profile pictures, videoconferences) and facial data is increasingly available with the development of facial detection technologies.

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Consumers' Responses to Contemporary Challenges

I am broadly interested in how consumers respond to contemporary challenges, for instance the advent of technology (e.g., the mere presence of smartphones), societal threats (e.g., distrust in institutions) or resource limitations (e.g., space).

I hope my findings can provide insights for marketing practice as well as for consumer welfare.

Publications and manuscripts under review

Linares, Claire, and Anne-Laure Sellier, “How Bad is the Mere Presence of a Phone? A Replication of Przybylski and Weinstein (2013) and an Extension to Creativity,” published at PLoS ONE. [Paper]

Linares, Claire, Anne-Laure Sellier, and Ran R. Hassin, “The Brands in Our Faces: The Existence and Manifestation of Brand–User Facial Stereotypes,” under review.


Linares, Claire, Anne-Sophie Chaxel, Yegyu Han, and Dahee Han, “Distrust Toward Institutions Reduces Attitudinal Ambivalence,” preparing for submission. 

Linares, Claire, and Anne-Laure Sellier, “The Existence of Face-Name Stereotypes.” 


Linares, Claire, and Anne-Laure Sellier, “Spatial Deprivation and Preference for Scarce Goods.” 

Sellier, Anne-Laure, and Claire Linares, “Green Consumers’ Faces.”


Avnet, Tamar, Anne-Laure Sellier, and Claire Linares, “Measurement of Scheduling Styles.” 

Research in progress