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Research Topics

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Consumer Behavior, Stereotypes, & Face Perception 

In my main line of research, I study stereotypes, and in particular facial stereotypes (i.e., the mental representations of faces associated with given social attributes) in the market- and workplace. I also study how people make inferences and decisions based on others' facial appearance.

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Consumer Behavior in a Changing World

I am broadly interested in how consumers navigate today's changing world, for instance how they behave when exposed to technology (e.g., the mere presence of smartphones), how they respond to distrust towards institutions, or how they manage their time.

Publications and Research in Progress

Linares, Claire, and Anne-Laure Sellier, “How Bad is the Mere Presence of a Phone? A Replication of Przybylski and Weinstein (2013) and an Extension to Creativity,” published at PLoS ONE. [Paper]

Linares, Claire, Anne-Laure Sellier, and Ran R. Hassin, “Facial Prototypes for the Ordinary in Life,” under review.


Linares, Claire, and Anne-Sophie Chaxel, “Leader Preferences and Distrust Towards Institution,” manuscript in preparation.

Linares, Claire, and Jennifer Argo, “Skills in Faces,” manuscript in preparation.

Linares, Claire*, and Rishad Habib*, “Faces and Prosocial Donations.”


Linares, Claire*, and Alican Mecit*, “Stereotype Content of the Non-Binary.” 


Linares, Claire, and Anne-Laure Sellier, “The Green Consumer.”

Linares, Claire, “Gender, Teams, and Creativity Inferences.”

Avnet, Tamar*, Anne-Laure Sellier*, and Claire Linares*, “Measurement of Scheduling Styles.”

[*equal authorship]

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